Sunday School 

We welcome back our children, teachers and helpers to a new church
school year 2019-2020.

3-5 year-old children

will meet upstairs in the classroom at the end of the hall with teachers: Dani R., Kristy M., Kristine R. & Kelly H.

6-8-year-old children

will meet upstairs with teachers: Kerry W. & Claude B.

9-12-year-old children 

meet in the basement with teachers: Samantha F. & Diane F.

13-15-year-old children

will meet upstairs with teachers: Cora S. & Kees R.

We are still in need of teachers for the 6-8-year-old classes. Please prayerfully consider volunteering and walking with our children in their faith journey. Contact Diane
F. or Kees R.

~ Education Committee