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Welcome to

Calvary Christian Reformed Church

Check us out under the Main Menu and come visit us at 3782 Russell Road just south/east of Hawthorne Road.

Join us for our morning service every Sunday morning at 10:00AM


Offering Schedule

 March 1: World Renew - Disaster Response Services

March 8: Community Christian School

March 15: Calvin Seminary

Welcome to Calvary Christian Reformed Church Online

Through this website we hope to share with you that Calvary is a community of Christians who seek to grow in faith, fellowship and service.  A friendly group of people that gathers for worship on the east side of Ottawa, Calvary seeks to serve the needs of all of its members and provides a wide variety of programs.  We believe that faith in Christ is the heart of life and so seek to serve Jesus in all things.
Calvary Christian Reformed ChurchAs a congregation we also support the small group ministry in Russell called Living Hope Community Fellowship.
Calvary is a affiliated with the Christian Reformed Church in North America.  Our denomination carries out a wide variety of ministries that we support locally.
We hope that this website answers your questions about us, but nothing can replace coming to see for yourself.  Please consider joining us for worship - we look forward to seeing you soon!

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3782 Russell Road, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada K1G 3N2 | 613.737.4063
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